Some people have the idea of waking up super early to start their day. From going to the gym, or a run, etc.

When fitting exercise into your daily routine sleep should be right beside it. To be able to contain the amount of motivation you would need to continue your day. Being healthy and energize is the key.


If your active, you need sleep as the next person. When you live an active lifestyle , your body desperately needs rest. So you can perform, at your best capacity when doing an intense gym sessions/workouts .

What you might not realize is that your sacrificing your health if your not getting enough shut-eye.

The goal is to schedule a 7- 8 hour sleep along with time for physical activity, to balance the effects of both. Having a good night sleep can effectively recover your muscles in preparation for next workout.

Rest & Recovery

You tear muscles fibers in the gym, rest can repair/ grow stronger muscles. Recovery after having an intense workout  which is why it is important to schedule the amount of sleep your getting. Providing a good amount of sleep can help you feel healthy and energized. For the next day, to build muscles.

4 tips to having a good night sleep:

  1. Dim the lights for a while before going to bed. This acts like the sun setting in your apartment, which makes you sleepy faster.
  2. Keep it cool it’s easier to fall asleep when the temperature is cooler. If it’s too hot, or too cold, it can be more difficult.
  3. Develop a ritual like a schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. This way your body would get use to the time.
  4. Get anxiety and stress in check take a deep breath, relaxation before sleep such as meditation and try to drown out any unwanted noise.

Sleep is incredibly important for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Take care of yourself and we wish you a good night’s sleep!


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