The First Step You Need To Do


   There is always the thought that comes across your mind. “I have know idea where to start”. When you do start you’re not motivated enough, to continue, and your all pump out for the next day. What I like to do is set goals, setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. I think it’s important to keep your goals dead set in your mind. (Writing a list or having a picture can do wonders?)

     Fitness goals are the best way to stay motivated for exercise. Short term goals give you steps towards your long term goal. While long term goals keep your overall objective in mind, to reach what you want to achieve. For me when I reach my goals it provides me with a sense of satisfaction and motivates me to do my next one.

These are a few reasons why setting goals are important….

1.They keep you on the right track

2.They make working out efficient

3.They help you progress more quickly

4.They help you see your progress

5.They keep you motivated


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