Why Not Try To Be Inspired?



    I'm sure that by now you've would've heard of inspiration. But, if not basically it's a way of motivating someone to do something creative. Since most of us these days have lack of motivation. To do the most simplest things such as  brushing your teeth, fixing your bed, or going to get a snack from the kitchen. Finding an activity, that inspires you in any type of way. Can change your whole mindset, and how you feel on that particular day. It can be the most smallest subject that inspires you.

   Today there are people who still haven't found what inspires them. So they are still luring all around trying to find that one thing. I suspect that it looks different for everyone else.The sense of happiness and boundless beauty, and the capacity to feel empower, to explore and express. Is what some wait for in their entire life.

We all want to feel moved, and then to use that to create love, joy, passion, and purpose.

If you felt stuck or uninspired here are some ideas:

                          Inspiration in Nature

1.Go for a walk, try mindfulness, and lose track of time

2.Take Photos capture what speaks to you

3.Get lost allow yourself to explore somewhere new

4.Meditation while listening to nature

                            Inspiration in WeB

1.Watch Youtube Videos to learn about what inspires

2.Social Media Look at pictures of interested subjects

3.Read Blogs written by people who overcome obstacles

4.Search Inspirational quotes on what your going through

                          Inspiration In Yourself

1.Give yourself a free day with nothing to worry about, but having fun

2.Do what you love try to have fun being you

3.Try something new don’t feel stress out about how to do it

4.Express your creativity, in a way that could be unusual to others, see what ideas pops up in your mind.


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